Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

UC-series Uniaxial compression fixture

ASTM D7012 and D7070


The versatile uniaxial compression fixture can be mounted into any load frame to perform unconfined rock compression tests to determine compressive strength and static elastic constants (i.e. stress-strain curve, Young’s modulus, and Poisson’s ratio). Platen stiffness is maximized to minimize deflection during high-strength rock compression. Whereas the lower platen is fixed, the upper one features a spherical seat to ensure perfect alignment with the specimen surface. The sample is wedged between the upper and lower parallel platens and loaded until failure. Applied load and resulting displacement are continuously recorded, and the corresponding maximum load is utilized to calculate unconfined compressive strength (UCS). Several sizes are available to accommodate different specimen diameters.



ASTM D7012 methods C&D

ASTM D7070 methods A&B

Compression load capacity

3,000 kN

Specimen diameter

Model 1: up to 54 mm (NX)

Model 2: up to 100 mm

Model 3: up to 150 mm

Wetted parts

Stainless steel


Compatible with any load frame


Robust and reliable

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