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Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

DE-series Diametral extensometer


Ideal for all rock types, the diametral strain gage extensometer measures specimen diameter changes during compression testing. The device measures two orthogonal diametral strains on cylindrical specimens which can be recorded individually or averaged. They can be used in combination with axial extensometers. Testing of rock samples is often carried out in triaxial pressure cells. The unit can be fitted within the vessel and is perfectly suited for high temperature, high pressure oil media. The diametral extensometer consists of two orthogonally mounted pairs of fully calibrated cantilever strain-gaged beams integrated in Wheatstone bridge circuits. Self-supporting, the extensometer is held in place by means of four screws pressing against the specimen. By using these long screws, the device can be quickly and easily adjusted to fit a large range of specimen diameters. The sensor is compatible with any electronics engineered for strain gauged transducers and can be manufactured for different specimen sizes.


Specimen diameter

Model 1: 25 to 55 mm

Model 2: 55 to 75 mm

Model 3: 75 to 100 mm

Diametral deformation range

5 mm


0.5% F.S

Operating Temperature

0°C to 150°C


Easy set-up
Accommodates a large range of specimens
Repeatable and direct measurement of diametral deformation
Sturdy construction to prevent device damage
Can be used inside a triaxial cell or mounted on specimen for unconfined compression tests


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