Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

CE-series Circumferential extensometer


The circumferential extensometer measures the average change in circumference directly on the specimen as the sample is compressed. A high precision, custom roller chain with special rollers mounts the extensometer to the specimen.The change in circumference is monitored with strain gauges. As the specimen diameter enlarges during the test, the chain causes the extensometer to expand. The unit is self-supported on the sample with integral springs. Different chain lengths are available for different size specimens. A mechanical adjustment allows the output to be set to zero. A breakaway device protects the extensometer in the event of specimen rupture. The model fits inside the vessel and operates in oil environments at high pressure and high temperature conditions. The Model is compatible with any electronics designed for strain gaged transducers.


Specimen diameter

25 to 100 mm

Circumferential deformation range

4 mm


0.5% F.S

Operating Temperature

0°C to 200°C



Easy set-up
Accommodates a large range of specimens by adding or removing assembly links
Repeatable and direct measurement of circumferential deformation
Sturdy construction to prevent device damage
Can be used inside a triaxial cell or mounted on specimen for unconfined compression tests


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