Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

HYDRATEST Gas hydrate triaxial test system

The servo-controlled HYDRATEST system carries out triaxial tests on methane hydrate-bearing-sediments (MHBS) at low temperature (below freezing) and high pressure conditions to study mechanical properties of MHBS at various methane hydrate (MH) saturation levels. Mechanical properties of MHBS can be expressed as a function of temperature, pore pressure, confining pressure and hydrate saturation. Young’s modulus, cohesion and internal friction angle of hydrates-bearing sediments synthesized in a laboratory are determined using triaxial tests. The system uses a hydraulic compression frame that applies axial loads up to 100 kN on the specimen. The latter is servo-controlled and uses the in-vessel load cell and strain sensors to control the load applied onto the sample. Triaxial stresses are imposed by applying a circumferential confining pressure, in tandem with an axial load. Two dedicated syringe pumps are independently employed to inject methane and water at controlled pressure in the specimen. A temperature control jacket connected to an external bath is utilized to cool,  heat and maintain a homogeneous, isothermal temperature profile in the specimen.


Compression load capacity

100 kN

Maximum confining pressure

70 MPa

Maximum gas pressure

70 MPa

Maximum water pressure

70 MPa


-10 + 60 °C

Specimen diameter

50 mm (other upon request)

Specimen length

Twice the diameter

Wetted parts

Stainless steel

Power supply

110-220VAC, 50/60Hz


Designed for mimic gas hydrate mechanical  behaviour in hydrate sediment specimens under temperature and triaxial test conditions

Automated tests with pre-programed stress and strain path

Delivers unparalleled accuracy and reliability


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