Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

SSP-700 steady state permeameter


The  add-on  SSP module allows absolute permeability determination experiments at elevated pore pressures and triaxial loading conditions. The system uses two continuous flow syringe pumps and a differential pressure measurement system across the specimen.   Flow (or pressure) for permeability tests is controlled by two high-precision pore pumps plumbed to the upstream and downstream ends of the sample. The system pore pressure pump injects liquid at constant flow rate through the specimen loaded in the cell. The additional pore pressure pump maintains a constant pressure at the system outlet, hence preventing pressure fluctuations in the system. The pressure gradient across the specimen is measured by highly accurate pressure transducers and permeability, calculated by virtue of Darcy’s law.


Permeability range

0.01 md and 10 Darcy

Maximum pore pressure

70 Mpa (10,000psi)


Water, oil


Representative measurement of permeability at reservoir stresses


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