Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

PV-series Low pressure syringe pump


The PV-series is designed for applications requiring accurate volume change and low pressure control of fluids. This pump delivers specified pressure, flow rate and volume at ambient temperature and can operate at either constant pressure or constant flow rate. In the former mode, a pre-defined specific volume can accurately be transferred. Pressurization is obtained via a motor-driven piston. The unit is equipped with an accurate pressure sensor and a remote control software. Two optional hand-operated valves can be provided for tank feeding and outlet delivery. Floxlab Series pumps deliver unparalleled pressure and volume accuracy and repeatability that is critical for so many of today’s production and research environments. The supervision software is required to configure, control and operate the unit. The software can be installed on a computer station. It includes several operating modes to make Floxlab pumps the most versatile ever. All pumps can deliver or receive fluid in constant flow rate or constant pressure. Pre-defined volumes of fluid can be pumped or extracted from the cylinder.







Max. flow rate


Min. flow rate


 PV 200 600 200 70 0.0001
 PV 500 225 500 150 0.0001



Suitable for low pressure applications such as soil studies 

Computer controlled unit

Extreme pressure and volume accuracy

Deliver or receive fluid

Control based on time, pressure, flow rate, fluid volume or events


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