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Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

GEOTEST Advanced rock triaxial test system

ASTM D7012, D7070 and D5084


The GEOTEST is an advanced rock triaxial test apparatus that excellently carries out triaxial, creep tests and post-failure behavior. An ample range of geo-mechanical properties can be determined under triaxial compression conditions such as rock deformation properties, rock compressive strength and static elastic constants. Optional fixtures are available to enhance the capabilities of the system to perform unconfined compressive strength, indirect tensile strength, acoustic velocity, dynamic elastic constants, rock permeability, rock compressibility, polyaxial compression, hydraulic fracturing and acoustic emission tests. A hydraulic compression frame applies axial loads on a sample mounted in a balanced triaxial cell. The system allows static and optionally cycling tests to be executed. The stress testing possibilities are virtually endless within the scope of the device’s physical limits and experiments can be conducted under stress feedback, strain or manual control. Rapid specimen loading and enhanced system productivity are achieved by virtue of an integrated hydraulic cell setup mechanism, specifically the sample is mounted and instrumented on the cell pedestal; subsequently the cell body lowered and firmly locked against the pedestal and then brought under the piston loading area.

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ASTM D7012, D7070, D5084

Compression load capacity

1,000 / 2,000 /4,500 kN

Maximum confining pressure

70 / 140  / 210 MPa

Maximum pore pressure

70 / 140 / 210 MPa


ambient and high temperature (option)

Specimen diameter

up to 100-mmm

Specimen length

Twice the diameter

Wetted parts

Stainless steel

Power supply

230-400 VAC, 3-phases, 50/60Hz


Uses a balanced triaxial cell equipped with in-vessel radial and axial strain sensors
Static and cyclic compression tests
Automated tests with pre-programed stress and strain path
Delivers unparalleled accuracy and reliability
Heavy-duty, stiff, noise-free compression frame
Rapid specimen loading facilities

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