Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

PC-series Passive triaxial cell

The PC-series passive triaxial cell  serves as a chamber in which cylindrical rock specimens can be subjected to both axial and radial compression loading. Triaxial stresses are imposed by applying a circumferential confining pressure, in tandem with an axial load. The cell must be placed in a dedicated axial load frame. The sample is fitted into a Teflon sleeve between hardened steel endcaps and the assembly is immersed in confining pressurized oil. Electrical feed-through connectors, integrated into the cell base, permit the installation of in-vessel instrumentation, e.g. axial and radial deformation measurement devices, ultrasonic platens, and other special transducers to be used. Top & bottom pore fluid ports for pore pressure tests at both upper and lower platens are an integral part of the cell architecture. A low friction loading piston is provided with the triaxial cell. Different diameter platens, pistons and additional feed-through connectors can be supplied to perform custom sample geometry tests. If required, the cell can also be provided with a heating system.


Maximum cell pressure

70 / 140 MPa

Specimen diameter

model 1: up to 54.7 mm (NX)

model 2: up to 100 mm

Specimen length

twice the diameter


ambient to 150°C (optional)

Pore pressure port

1/8 inch LP

Confining port

1/4 inch HP

Sleeve material


Wetted part material

Stainless steel

Easy to operate

Models available for different specimen sizes

High pressure, high temperature capability



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