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Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

ITB-250 Indirect tension brazilian fixture

ASTM D3967 and ISRM suggested method


The indirect tension test allows the determination of tensile strength via a uniform diametric line compression of a cylindrical specimen. Using cylindrical specimens and compressing them vertically between two cylindrical seating loading jaws gives an indirect tensile stress and a corresponding orthogonal deformation. This experimental setup is also known as the Brazilian test.  The apparatus is intended to be mounted on a load frame. Two versions are available, the standard ITB250 for specimen diameter up to 76-mm and the extended one for diameter up to 150-mm.



ASTM D3967 and ISRM suggested method

Specimen diameter

Standard version:  up to 76.2 mm (3.0 inches)

Extended version: up to 150 mm (6.0 inches)

Specimen thickness

Between 0.2 to 0.75 x the specimen diameter


High grade stainless steel

Rated force capacity

250 kN


Assured excellent alignment between the fixture and the specimen

Easy installation of removal from the load frame

Hardened specimen end caps for testing strong rock

Versatile, allows multiple specimen diameter to be tested using the same fixture

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