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Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

RDR-350 Rotating disk reactor

The RDR-350 conducts reaction rate experiments between fluids and rock surfaces. The effects of mass transfer and chemical reactions are determined by varying the rock sample rotational speed and reaction temperature. The apparatus consists of a disk of rock spinning in a volume of reactive fluid at a constant angular velocity. The concentrations of the reactants in the bulk are measured by atomic absorption spectrophotometry at various time intervals while the disk is rotating at a fixed speed. The global reaction rate at a given angular velocity is computed from the change in reactant concentration versus time. The experiment is then repeated at different angular velocities to obtain the reaction rate as a function of angular velocity. Additional experiments at different temperatures or different test fluid concentrations can be performed to obtain the full rate law for the reaction system.


Maximum pressure

5,000 psi

Maximum  temperature


Reaction vessel volume

500 ml

Reservoir vessel volume

500 ml

Sample disk diameter

1.5 inches (38.1 mm)

Sample disk thickness

1 inch (25.4 mm)

Disk rotational speed

100 to 2,000 RPM

Wetted parts


Power supply

110-220VAC, 50/60 Hz

N2 pressure requirements

2,000 psi

Air pressure requirements

150 psi,dry


Semi automated system

Rapid, accurate and reproducible data

Acid-resistant material

Small test fluid volume required


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