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Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

FCC-series Fracture conductivity cell


The fracture conductivity cell mainly comprises a cell body, an upper and lower piston and a set of right and left flow insert. Three pressure taps monitor the pressure drop along the fracture. Three interconnected leak-off ports on the upper and lower cell pistons allow leak-off tests to be performed by providing a flow path through the cores in direction perpendicular to the main flow. The heated steel cell ensure an appropriate, constant temperature during the test. A thermocouple located in a dedicated port monitors the cell temperature. Unique removable end inserts enable a combination of conductivity testing and flow-back testing to be performed in the same cell.


Maximum closure stress

20,000 psi

Maximum pore pressure

1,000 psi 


Ambient to 177°C (350°C)

Sample length

7 inches

Sample width

1.5 inches

Sample height

2 x 1 inch 

Wetted part material

Stainless steel or  hastelloy


Simulates leak off, and therefore accounts for damaging effects of fracturing fluids.


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