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Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

ACP-150 series Automated confining pressure and temperature controller


The apparatus generates and maintains the desired confining pressure and temperature during porous media studies. It is particularly useful for NMR, CT scan and linear X-RAY experimental set-ups with composite core holders, when air baths cannot be utilized. The device consists of a high pressure syringe pump, an heated recirculation pump, a pneumatic dual valve, a fluid reservoir and two pressure transducers for pore and confining pressure monitoring. The syringe pump generates and maintains a constant pressure while the recirculation pump assures continuous flow in the confining circuit at high temperature. Consequently, the core sample mounted in the core holder is maintained under the same conditions of temperature and pressure. It can also be used to maintain a constant differential pressure between the pore pressure and confining pressure. By means of an Ethernet connection and a dedicated software, the unit can easily be programmed to perform elaborated pressure and temperature maintenance schedules.


Maximum pressure range

ACP-350-150 model: 5,000 psi
ACP-700-150 model :10,000 psi

Maximum fluid circulation flow

up to 1 liter/min


250 ml

Wetted materials

Stainless Steel


ambient to 150°C (300F)

Type of fluids

hydraulic fluid

Nitrogen gas pressure requirement

100 psi

Tube connection

1/4-inch SLP

Power supply requirement

110-220 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Pressure control interface



Ideal for porous media studies involving NMR, CT-scan and linear X-ray scanner.
Extremely fast response to system pressure fluctuations
Generates fast and accurate heating to the core sample
Can work at constant pressure or at constant net pressure
Pressure control via Ethernet communication port


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