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Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

PORELAB Educational pore volume compressibility system

ISRM Recommendations

The PORELAB  is an educational apparatus designed to monitor at ambient temperature, pore volume changes related to variations in confining pressures. The operating principle is based on the “squeeze out” method. While the pore pressure is kept at atmospheric conditions and the confining pressure, incrementally increased, the expelled fluid volumes are recorded. The apparatus is supplied with a hydrostatic cell and a hydraulic pump used to generate the confining pressure. A digital pressure gauge provide accurate confining pressure readings. The volumetric variations of expelled fluids from the core sample are determined by reading the graduations on the burette. The device is specifically designed to teach students the principles of rock compressibility in a clear and efficient manner. The short duration of the experiment reinforces the practicality of this apparatus in an educational setting.



ISRM recommendations

Specimen diameter

1 inch and 1.5 inches

Specimen length

twice the diameter

Maximum confining pressure

70  MPa

Maximum pore pressure

70 MPa



Power supply

110-220 VAC, 50/60 Hz


Simple, easy to perform

Short test duration, well adapted for students


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