Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

UV-700 Ultrasonic velocity fixture

ASTM D2845


The UV-700 serves as a supplementary module for Floxlab's passive and deviatoric triaxial cells, designed to measure the dynamic elastic properties of core samples under varying stress conditions. These properties include dynamic Young's modulus, shear modulus, and Poisson's ratio. The complete system features a rapid-response pulser to stimulate the ultrasonic sensor, an ultra-high-speed analog-to-digital converter for capturing and storing waveform signals, and specialized software for system control and data acquisition.  In synchronization with uniaxial and triaxial loading, the system performs and logs acoustic measurements for both compression and shear waves. The piezo-electric crystals used for these measurements are integrated into the compression platens.



ASTM D2845


compressional (P) and shear (S1 and S2)

Center frequency

500 KHz


up to 120°C


Designed for easy and quick installation

ASTM-compliant device

Designed for testing a range of specimen diameters


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