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Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

ACM-300 Automated specimen coring machine

ASTM D4543


The ACM-300 represents a robust drill press, equipped with diamond coring bits, purposefully engineered to accommodate a range of specimen sizes, with a maximum diameter of 150 mm (6 inches) and a maximum length of 300 mm (12 inches). The standard configuration of this machine includes a drill press featuring an automatic constant pressure feed mechanism, a rotary union (swivel), a containment pan with a specimen clamping vise, and a system for supplying coolant. The drill press's automatic feed system is noteworthy, as it offers variable force and maintains a consistent pressure, allowing the coring bit to efficiently penetrate soft rock at high speeds. For the coring operation, users have the option to utilize a water/oil coolant, or alternatively, liquid nitrogen can be employed when dealing with unconsolidated samples.


Coring bit internal diameter

from 21.5 mm (0.845 inch) to 150 mm (6 inches)

Maximum coring depth

up to 300 mm (12 inches)

Drip pan dimensions

 LxWxH: 1000 x 380 x 340 mm

Compatible coolant

Water, oil, liquid N2 (option)

Drill speed

550, 1120, 1680 RPM


LxWxH: 1300 x 680 x 2140 mm


100 kg

Water supply

100 psi


220 VAC, 50-60 Hz


Can drill specimens with diameter up to 150-mm
Easy and fast drilling operation

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