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Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

FRACLAB Hydraulic fracture test system

The FRACLAB Hydraulic Fracture Test System is designed to conduct hydraulic fracturing experiments while enabling micro-seismic activity monitoring under various triaxial stress conditions and elevated temperatures. The apparatus features a deviatoric triaxial cell integrated with an acoustic emission (AE) monitoring system. It employs four servo-controlled syringe pumps to regulate the pressures of the confining fluid, axial load, pore fluid, and fracturing fluid. A built-in lifting mechanism aids in specimen positioning. The system is capable of determining the breakdown pressure of a specimen under specified confining and pore pressures; subsequent to this, tensile strength and frac-coefficient values are calculated. The AE monitoring system offers insights into fracture growth for geotechnical investigations like hydraulic fracturing. It provides a range of characteristic AE parameters, including hit counts, energy levels, amplitude, event durations, and AE hypocenter localizations. Additionally, the apparatus is equipped with high-precision in-vessel deformation sensors that measure both axial and diametral strains throughout the test.


Maximum axial stress

 424 Mpa

Maximum confining pressure

70 MPa

Maximum pore pressure

70 MPa

Temperature range

ambient  to 150°C (300F)

Specimen diameter

54.7 mm (other upon request)

Specimen length

twice the diameter

Injection flow rate range

0.0001 to 80 cc/min

Wetted parts

Stainless steel

Power supply

110-220VAC, 50/60Hz



Versatile machine with an ample range of triaxial and hydraulic fracture testing capabilities.
Automated tests
Delivers unparalleled accuracy and reliability
Achieve any desired stress path
State of the art Acoustic Emission monitoring system

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