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Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

PDP-200 Pulse decay permeameter

ISRM suggested method


The PDP 200 is a specialized instrument engineered for the precise quantification of ultra-low permeability in very tight rock samples. Utilizing the pulse-decay permeability method, the device is calibrated to deliver reliable measurements in the range of approximately 0.01 microdarcies to 0.1 millidarcies. The system monitors the decay of pressure differentials across the rock specimen at predetermined time intervals. The instrument's architecture includes a thermostatically-controlled insulation cabinet for maintaining consistent test conditions. Within this cabinet are two stainless steel reservoirs tasked with fluid storage and management, complemented by dual high-precision pressure transducers for meticulous pressure gradient monitoring. The system also incorporates multiple zero-volume-change valves, as well as a dedicated needle valve to initiate the pulse-decay process. Data acquisition and analysis are facilitated by an integrated computer station, ensuring the accurate capture and interpretation of permeability metrics.


Permeability range

0.01 microdarcy and 0.1 millidarcy

Maximum confining pressure

70 Mpa (10,000psi)

Maximum pore pressure

20 Mpa (3,000psi)

Specimen diameter

1 inch, 1.5 inches (other upon request)

Specimen length

Twice the diameter


Nitrogen gas

Air requirement

100 psi


110-220 VAC , 50/60 Hz


Designed for measuring ultra-low permeability in tight rock samples with high precision across a specific range
Ensures consistent test conditions through a temperature-controlled environment
Provides reliable and repeatable results with its sophisticated pressure monitoring system
Offers seamless data handling with its integrated computer station


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