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Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

SSP-700 steady state permeameter


The setup is designed to perform rock permeability measurements under elevated pore pressures and triaxial loading conditions, thereby ascertaining the flow characteristics and transport capacity of the rock matrix. Specifically, the device is capable of capturing permeability values that range from 0.01 milliDarcies (mD) to 10 Darcies. The flow conditions for the permeability tests are meticulously regulated by dual high-precision, continuous flow pumps, which are connected to the upstream and downstream termini of the rock sample. The initial pore pressure pump infuses a fluid at a consistent flow rate through the rock specimen housed in the triaxial cell. Concurrently, the secondary pump stabilizes the outlet pressure of the system, mitigating any pressure oscillations within the setup. Pressure gradients across the sample are precisely monitored through the use of high-accuracy pressure transducers. Subsequently, the measured data is processed to calculate the permeability based on Darcy's law, thereby ensuring a rigorous and reliable assessment of the rock's permeability characteristics.


Permeability range

0.01 md and 10 Darcy

Maximum pore pressure

70 Mpa (10,000psi)


Water, oil


Representative measurement of permeability at reservoir stresses


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