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TAC-series Triaxial acoustic cell

ASTM D2845


The triaxial acoustic cell is designed to transmit compressional (P) and shear waves (S1/S2) through rock samples under conditions of overburden pressure and room temperature. The sample is positioned between two adjustable loading pistons and compressed using a load frame. A specialized sleeve serves to isolate the sample from the hydraulic confining fluid. A distinct advantage of this setup is the ability for quick sample loading and unloading, eliminating the need to drain the confining fluid or remove the core sleeve. The cell consists of a hollow steel cylinder with screw-on, detachable ends, along with two high-resistance spherically seated acoustic loading platens, a pair of female spherical seats, and an isolating sleeve. To apply the axial force to the sample, an external compression testing frame is necessary. Additionally, a high-pressure pump is required to produce the confining pressure.



ASTM D2845

Specimen diameter

1-inch, 1.5-inches (other upon request)

Specimen length

Twice the diameter


up to 10,000 psi




1 Mhz


P and S1 & S2


Representative overburden pressure conditions

Short test duration 

Cost effective

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up to 10,000 psi


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