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FTC-series Flow through curing cell


The FTC-series flow-through curing cell is engineered for the purpose of curing resin-coated proppant packs in the presence of fracturing fluid, under elevated temperatures and varying closure stresses, prior to undergoing a uniaxial compressive strength (UCS) test. The apparatus features a chamber that houses two sets of hardened steel platens, both at the upper and lower positions. Axial compressive loading is applied to the proppant pack to mimic closure pressure conditions. Ports for pore fluid are embedded in both sets of platens, facilitating the execution of pore pressure assessments. The system also allows for the monitoring of fracturing fluid leak-off as axial closure is implemented. Additionally, when fitted with a back-pressure regulator, the cell enables fluid flow through the specimen while maintaining specified temperatures. A thermal heating mantle surrounds the cell, ensuring a consistent and uniform temperature range for the proppant pack from ambient levels up to 177°C. The cells are offered in a diverse array of diameters. The application of axial load to the specimen necessitates the use of a dedicated laboratory press.


Closure pressure

up to 10,000 psi


up to 177°C (350 F)

Specimen diameter

1, 1.5 and 2 inches

Specimen length

Twice the diameter

Wetted parts

Stainless steel


Can cure resin-coated proppant packs with fracturing fluid at high temperatures and variable closure stress 

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