Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

PC-series Passive triaxial cell

The PC-series triaxial cell functions as a specialized chamber designed to apply both axial and radial compressive forces on cylindrical rock samples. This dual-directional stress is achieved by exerting a surrounding confining pressure alongside an axial force. To operate, the cell needs to be situated within a specialized axial load frame. Within the cell, the rock sample is encased in a Teflon sleeve and sandwiched between hardened steel end caps. This setup is then submerged in pressurized oil for confinement. Built-in electrical connectors at the base of the cell enable the addition of internal measurement instruments, such as devices for tracking axial and radial deformations, ultrasonic platens, and various specialized transducers. The cell's design incorporates top and bottom ports for conducting pore pressure tests on both the upper and lower platens. The unit comes equipped with a low-friction loading piston and offers the option for various sizes of platens, pistons, and extra electrical connectors for tailored testing requirements. Additionally, a heating system can be included in the cell if needed.


Maximum cell pressure

70 / 140 MPa

Specimen diameter

model 1: up to 54.7 mm (NX)

model 2: up to 100 mm

Specimen length

twice the diameter


ambient to 150°C (optional)

Pore pressure port

1/8 inch LP

Confining port

1/4 inch HP

Sleeve material


Wetted part material

Stainless steel

Easy to operate

Models available for different specimen sizes

High pressure, high temperature capability



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