Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

PV-series Low pressure syringe pump


The PV-series pumps are engineered for applications that demand meticulous volume adjustments and low-pressure control of fluids. Capable of providing specific pressure, flow rates, and volumes at room temperature, these pumps can function in either a constant pressure or constant flow rate setting. Pressurization is achieved through a motor-driven piston. The unit comes standard with a high-precision pressure sensor and proprietary remote control software. Optional manual valves can be added for both reservoir filling and fluid dispensing. Operational control of the unit is facilitated through the mandatory supervision software, which can be installed on a dedicated computer terminal. The software provides a range of operating modes, significantly enhancing the adaptability and capabilities of Floxlab pumps.







Max. flow rate


Min. flow rate


 PV 200 600 200 70 0.0001
 PV 500 225 500 150 0.0001



Suitable for low pressure applications such as soil studies 

Computer controlled unit

Extreme pressure and volume accuracy

Deliver or receive fluid

Control based on time, pressure, flow rate, fluid volume or events


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