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Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

AES-Acoustic Emission monitoring fixture


The Acoustic Emission (AE) Monitoring Fixture serves as an auxiliary module for Floxlab's passive and deviatoric triaxial cells. Designed to investigate fracture dynamics in geotechnical applications like hydraulic fracturing, this module offers non-intrusive and precise assessment of a sample's mechanical attributes under triaxial test conditions. Once specific in-situ conditions are established, fluctuations in variables like load, confining pressures, pore pressures, and temperatures can trigger ultrasonic events. These events, in turn, yield valuable AE metrics such as hit counts, energy, amplitude, event duration, and the localization of the AE hypocenter.The system features up to 8 AE transducers, strategically arranged in a radial pattern around the test specimen. Additionally, it includes an AE signal processing system and software for 2D and 3D event localization.


Peak sensitivity, Ref V/(m/s)

62 dB

Peak sensitivity, Ref V/µbar

-72 dB

Operating frequency

125-750 KHz

Resonant frequency, Ref V/(m/s)

140 kHz

Resonant frequency, Ref V/µbar

300 kHz


+/-11.5 dB

Temperature range

-65 to 177°C

AE sensor Dimensions

0.3” OD x 0.3” H (8 mm OD x 8mm H)


State of the art AE monitoring system

Excellently detects core failure onset during compression tests

Allows fracture morphology to be reconstructed during hydraulic fracture tests.


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