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QRT-series Quick release triaxial cell

The Quick Release Triaxial Cell enables streamlined testing for rock specimens with diameters that vary from 21.5 mm (EX) to 54 mm (NX). The rock sample, along with the top and bottom platens, is enclosed in a heat-shrinkable sleeve. This entire setup is then precisely positioned and centered in the cell using a guiding tool. After alignment, three instrumented lateral actuators equipped with pressure-compensated LVDTs make contact with the sleeve to accurately measure diametral strains. Axial strains are gauged using two averaging vertical LVDTs. For effective operation, the QRT series cell needs to be integrated into a system that includes an external axial load actuator, such as a load frame, and one or more high-pressure pumps for fluid injection and confining pressure application.


Maximum axial load

500 kN

Maximum confining pressure

70 MPa



Specimen diameter 

up to 54.7 mm (NX)

Specimen height

twice the diameter

Confining and pore ports

1/8 inch

Wetted part material

Stainless steel


Quick specimen setup.

Axial and radial strain measurements.

Upper platen provided with a spherical seat to compensate for non-parallel specimen ends.

Hardened stainless steel construction.

Bottom pore pressure plumbing provided for effective stress measurements. 

Includes triaxial software and automatic data acquisition 

The LVDTS eliminate the time-consuming task of gluing strain gages onto the specimen to measure radial strains

Ideal for the classroom.

Download Quick release triaxial cell.pdf


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