Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

DC-series Deviatoric triaxial cell


The DC-series deviatoric triaxial cells are engineered explicitly for rock triaxial testing, eliminating the need for an external frame to apply axial loads. Instead, the cell features an integrated hydraulic deviator chamber that directly exerts the axial force on the sample. Each specimen is housed in a Teflon sleeve, secured between hardened steel end caps, and then submerged in pressurized oil for confinement. Built-in electrical connectors at the base of the cell facilitate the integration of internal monitoring instruments. The cell's design also includes fluid ports on both the upper and lower platens for conducting pore pressure tests, which is a standard feature of its architecture. Customization options include a variety of platen diameters to accommodate different sample geometries. Additionally, a heating system can be incorporated into the cell if necessary.


Maximum cell pressure

70 / 140 MPa

Maximum axial load

Model 1: 1,000 kN

Model 2: 2,500 kN


up to 150°C (300F)

Specimen diameter

Model 1: up to 54.7 mm (NX)

Model 2: up to 100 mm

Specimen length

twice the diameter

Pore ports

1/8 inch

Confining ports

1/4 inch

Sleeve material


Wetted part material:

Stainless steel

(The specifications can be modified upon request)


Built-in deviatoric chamber, no external load frame required

Models available for different specimen sizes


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