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Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

AL-series Axial LVDT sensor


The axial strain LVDT sensor is engineered to monitor average axial deformation during both uniaxial and triaxial testing procedures. The device features three vertically adjustable, immersible LVDTs (Linear Variable Differential Transformers), which are directly affixed to the loading platens at both ends of the specimen. Positioned at 120-degree intervals from each other, these sensors effectively track any uneven axial shifts in the specimen. This model is specifically crafted to fit within testing vessels and is well-suited for operation in high-pressure and high-temperature oil environments. Designed for universal compatibility, the sensors can interface seamlessly with any electronic systems that are built for LVDT sensors. Additionally, they can be custom-manufactured to suit specimens of various sizes.


Specimen diameter

model 1: 25 to 55 mm

model 2: 55 to 100 mm

Axial deformation range

5 mm


0.25% F.S

Operating Temperature

0°C to 200°C


The same strain sensors can be either used within our high-pressure triaxial cell or mounted on specimen for unconfined compression tests.

Available for different specimen sizes.


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