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Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

FCC-series Fracture conductivity cell


The fracture conductivity cell primarily consists of a main chamber, top and bottom pistons, and a pair of flow inserts situated on the right and left sides. Pressure is monitored through three taps that measure the pressure drop along the fracture. The upper and lower pistons feature three interconnected leak-off ports, which facilitate leak-off tests by creating a flow route through the cores at a right angle to the primary flow. The cell's heated steel structure maintains a constant, optimal temperature throughout the test, monitored by a thermocouple situated in a specialized port. Additionally, unique detachable end inserts allow for the simultaneous performance of conductivity and flow-back tests within the same chamber.


Maximum closure stress

20,000 psi

Maximum pore pressure

1,000 psi 


Ambient to 177°C (350°C)

Sample length

7 inches

Sample width

1.5 inches

Sample height

2 x 1 inch 

Wetted part material

Stainless steel or  hastelloy


Simulates leak off, and therefore accounts for damaging effects of fracturing fluids.


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