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Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

AVS-A Atmospheric acoustic velocity system

ASTM D2845


The computer-controlled acoustic velocity measurement system facilitates the controlled propagation of both compressional (P) and shear waves (S or S1&S2) through geological rock specimens. Its integrated hardware and software employ state-of-the-art technology, enabling highly accurate determination of compression and shear wave velocities as well as dynamic elastic constants. This comprehensive system is equipped with essential components, including a swift-loading sample holder, a switch box, and a high-speed pulser-receiver that administers excitation to the ultrasonic sensors and visually presents the resultant waveform signals. The rapid-response pulser is employed to initiate excitation of the ultrasonic sensor, while an exceptionally high-speed analog-to-digital converter is utilized for the rapid capture and storage of the ensuing waveform signals. This setup ensures precise data acquisition and analysis for advanced research and geological investigations.



ASTM D2845

Specimen diameter

up to 2 inches

Specimen length

up to 6 inches


1 MHz




P and S1&S2


Designed to teach students the principles of acoustic velocity measurement 

Short test duration 

Cost effective

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