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Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

DE-series Diametral extensometer


Optimal for various rock formations, the diametral strain gauge extensometer is designed to monitor changes in the specimen's diameter during compression tests. The instrument captures two perpendicular diametral strains on cylindrical samples, offering the option to record each strain individually or as an average. This device is compatible with axial extensometers, enhancing its versatility. Frequently used in triaxial pressure cells for rock sample testing, the unit is engineered to fit inside these vessels. It is well-adapted for environments with high temperatures and high-pressure oil media. The extensometer comprises two pairs of cantilever strain-gauged beams, positioned orthogonally and integrated into Wheatstone bridge circuits for precise measurement. Designed for user convenience, the self-supporting extensometer is secured against the specimen using four long screws, enabling quick and straightforward adjustments for a wide range of sample diameters. Compatible with any electronics designed for strain-gauged transducers, the sensor can be customized to accommodate different specimen sizes.


Specimen diameter

Model 1: 25 to 55 mm

Model 2: 55 to 75 mm

Model 3: 75 to 100 mm

Diametral deformation range

5 mm


0.5% F.S

Operating Temperature

0°C to 150°C


Easy set-up
Accommodates a large range of specimens
Repeatable and direct measurement of diametral deformation
Sturdy construction to prevent device damage
Can be used inside a triaxial cell or mounted on specimen for unconfined compression tests


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