Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

UC-series Uniaxial compression fixture

ASTM D7012 and D7070


The versatile uniaxial compression platens are designed for seamless integration into any load frame, facilitating the execution of unconfined rock compression tests to ascertain key static elastic parameters such as compressive strength, stress-strain curves, Young's modulus, and Poisson's ratio. Engineered for optimal stiffness, the platens minimize deflection events even when compressing high-strength rock samples.  While the lower platen is stationary, the upper platen incorporates a spherical seating mechanism to ensure impeccable alignment with the specimen's surface. The rock sample is securely wedged between these parallel upper and lower platens and is subjected to load until the point of failure. Throughout this process, both the applied load and resultant displacement are continually monitored. The peak load value is subsequently used for calculating the specimen's unconfined compressive strength (UCS). The platens are offered in multiple dimensions, allowing accommodation of a wide range of specimen diameters.



ASTM D7012 methods C&D

ASTM D7070 methods A&B

Compression load capacity

3,000 kN

Specimen diameter

Model 1: up to 54 mm (NX)

Model 2: up to 100 mm

Model 3: up to 150 mm

Wetted parts

Stainless steel


Compatible with any load frame


Robust and reliable

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