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Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

AC-series API conductivity cell

ISO 13503-5, API 61 & 19D


The conductivity cell is constructed in accordance with ISO 13503-5, as well as API RP 61 & 19D guidelines. The cell primarily consists of width slats, platens, and slabs made from Ohio sandstone. It features three pressure taps for tracking longitudinal pressure variations throughout the proppant pack. Electric cartridges heat the steel platens to maintain isothermal conditions, with temperature regulation controlled through a dedicated port by an onboard thermocouple. Additionally, thermal insulation is provided. To gauge the proppant pack's width under varying closure stresses, four LVDTs (Linear Variable Differential Transformers) are positioned on each side of the API conductivity cell. 



ISO 13503-5, API 61 & 19D


1,000 kN (100 tons)

Maximum closure stress

20,000 psi

Maximum pore pressure

1,000 psi


Ambient to 177°C (350°C)

Pack thickness accuracy

+/- 0.001 inches (+/- 0.025 mm)

Sample length

7 inches

Sample width

1.5 inches

Sample height

2 x 3/8 inch

Wetted part material

Stainless steel 


compliant with SO 13503-5 and API RP 61 & 19D standards

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