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Your supplier of high pressure laboratory instruments

GEOLAB - Educational rock compression tester

ASTM D2664 D7012 D3967 D5731


The GEOLAB is a compact compression testing apparatus with the capability to conduct both uniaxial and triaxial compression experiments on specimens. These experiments facilitate the determination of critical parameters such as material strength, elastic properties, shear strength under varying confining pressures, angle of shearing resistance, cohesion, modulus of elasticity, Poisson's ratio, point load, and splitting tensile strengths. Moreover, an acoustic velocity attachment can be integrated into the system for the purpose of propagating compressional (P) and shear waves (S1/S2) through rock specimens. Its principal purpose is to function as an educational instrument, designed to elucidate the fundamental tenets of rock mechanics to students in a lucid and expedient manner. An additional pedagogical advantage lies in the abbreviated duration of the experiments facilitated by this apparatus, underscoring its efficacy and appropriateness for instructional applications.

Download: Geolab applications.pdf


Axial load

300 KN


up to 70 Mpa



Specimen diameter

1-inch (25.4-mm) or 1.5 inches (38.1-mm)

Specimen length

twice the diameter

Wetted parts

Stainless steel  

Power supply

220 VAC, 50/60 Hz


Designed for instructional purposes
Perfectly suited for educational and research establishments
Versatile machine capable of a wide range of tests.
Rapid specimen loading operations


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